Yazhini , the Trans Queen Model

Article by Shivani Kamini

We from Fahen hustle always hunt down unique,new,emerging talents. Likewise for this week, we interviewed gorgeous trans model Yazhini . Read through for an interesting yet inspirational session with Yazhini.


Fashen hustle: Since when have you been modelling, and what has been your aspiration to be an model and build a track for more trans models like you to exist?

Yazhini: I have been modelling since 2017, I wanted to change the vision of transgenders and I have always been passionate about modelling, so chose this track to create my vision.


Fashen hustle: Who do you owe your success to and why?

Yazhini: My mom Pandiyammal, has been very strong and supportive. No surprise I had to face so much chaos from my family side ,my mom was able to deal with problems even my father failed to.


Fashen hustle: What will be your advice or low-down to other Trans-people who want to pursue modelling or any career of their choice and passion?

Yazhini: Be fearless, nobody is strong enough to bring you down. Do what you want and like on any caution and last but not least always and always love yourself.


Fashen hustle: What has the modelling career of yours looked so far like?

Yazhini: I have been model for Krylon’s editorial ad and walked ramps for designers.

Fashen hustle: What do you look upto achieving in your modelling career?

Yazhini: To be named Top Trans model international and I would like to make my way through big screen posh.


Fashen hustle: What was your first project as a model, and whats your favorite ensemble to model in?

Yazhini: I worked as a model for designer Archana in Chennai. And no doubt straight-up Saree.

Fashen hustle: What are you currently engaged in?

Yazhini: Im one of the contestants of Miss Trans queen India which is set to commence on October 3rd.




To get more infos and to be in touch or to reach out to Yazhini Varinika , check out her instagram handle (@Yazinimoorthy)



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