Vishal Dangi

Article by Kamini Shivani


Vishal dangi had made a name for himself in blogging industry as a male fashion blogger which distinctly is rare in a very female oriented field.

He is assuredly here to pave path for more fashion male bloggers to come out in light

Fashen hustle: Hi Vishal, Since when have u been a fashion blogger and What was the drive to become one?

Vishal: Been 6 months since I started actually focusing on it. Before that I used to do my own shoots with my own outfits. No Collaboration and stuff

There wasn’t any inspiration as such but yes, Everytime I used to watch a movie or a group of fashionable people hanging out, I slowly started dreaming myself in every attire I used to look others wearing and I used to question myself if I would look good in such or not. That imagination turned me here to not just imagine but also try things out and explore more in fashion and share it with others and try and Influence them also to look good, feel good and confident.


Fashen hustle:  What was your first move after you decided you wanted to become a Fashion blogger?

Vishal: Starting it off as a Runway Model was my first move. I joined the fashion team of my college department, then later into College fashion team then showly shows after shows I realised I need to start doing something where I get recognised more for being myself and for my talent that I can equally be good when I am doing it individually as well. So I started attended pageants and auditioned for various titles and competitions. One of the best achievement would be when I got titled as Reliance Jewels Mr.India People’s choice. It felt good. Infact amazing. But the first offer that I got to shoot for a brand was ‘TheManCompany’ , which actually made me realize I am more good in shoots than runway shows (though I love walking the ramp) So yeah, since then focusing more on shoots over shows. I do both shows and shoots currently.


Fashenhustle: What do you look forward in achieving in blogging slash influencing community?

Vishal: I am definitely looking forward to Influence a lot of boys out there to actually dress for them to look confident, for them to look appealing, for them to learn that just like we expect girls to dress for the occasion and place . We guys also do have our own styles of outfits for each atmosphere and occasion. The day all the boys realise this would definitely be the day you will find me the most happiest and that day I would consider it my victory and an achievement.


Fashen hustle: Would u say u r better as a runway model or an editorial model?

Vishal: Editorial.


Fashen hustle: And brands you love to own , that syncs with your aesthetic?

Vishal: Zara, Ajio, Shein, Jack & Jones, Old Navy, I am more into customising everything I get from any brand.

More like I once got a plain white shirt from Zara cause I liked their fabric of it and over that I customised something of my own that will leave the mark on others Everytime they see it. Customising the normal collar to a different collar, full sleeve to half sleeve. Everytime I felt this could have been better that way.


Fashen hustle: Tell me about Huno, your new venture.

Vishal: HuNo is a 3 month old start up. The motive is to make people aware about the low costing it takes in everything luxury we wish to own. Basically providing luxury in much much lower price.

Other reason behind HuNo is that Everytime I see a product or an outfit or anything from a brand, I have always felt maybe if this was that way it would have been better. Like I mentioned before, I used to get stuff from brands but always ended up customising it my own way. So that thought eventually led me to HuNo where I can make my own designs, my own outfits, my own sunglasses designs etc and reach it to the public. I am very soon going to be starting with more of men in it. HuNo will very soon have all the men’s accessories and clothing in it. Similar way, ‘SuNo’ for women’s will be started super real soon on a bigger scale depending on the response that I get .


Fashen hustle: Wishing you luck and prosperity from Fashen hustle in every venture you step into . In drawing things to a close, What saying do you live by?

Vishal: Keep it simple yet significant.


To follow works of Vishal on Instagram , check out  @vishal_dangi





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