Rupjyoti Gogoi aka Sherriied

Article by Kamini Shivani


Rupjyoti Gogai aka Sherried has made her name quite etched as a prominent fashion blogger in Chennai. Her style speaks for herself and we from Fashen hustle reached out so she can speak more about herself, a side we don’t see on her social media handle.

Fashen hustle:What is fashion blogging to you?
Rupjyoti: Fashion blogging to me is an outlet to my creativity and love for playing dress up. And won’t be wrong to add, my bread and butter now 🙂

Fashen hustle: Since when have you been blogging and how has it grown since started?
Rupjyoti: I started my blogsite towards the end of in 2015. However I don’t blog anymore but more of a digital content creator on social media and I’ve definitely grown in terms of network, styling and most importantly as a person.

Fashen hustle: What is the best and worst thing about being a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger?
Rupjyoti: Best, I get to do what I love! Worst – Because it’s not a defined business yet, the work and payment structures are not clearly defined and that comes with its own set of trouble related to processes and payments.

Fashen hustle: How would you describe your style?
Rupjyoti: Experimental mostly, but also comfortable, cause I don’t feel confident if not comfortable and without confidence there is no style.

Fashen hustle: Would you ever consider designing your own line or working with a company to launch a feature?
Rupjyoti: Sure, why not! In fact I do a lot of DIYs where I transform an old piece into something completely different. To be able to actually design my own line would be a dream come true.

Fashen hustle: A trend you cant get enough of?
Rupjyoti: I actually can’t get enough of Satins and Velvets, and this is not a new obsession. It’s been ongoing since the late 90’s.

Fashen hustle: A trend you think should’ve never happened?
Rupjyoti: I won’t say shouldn’t have happened but something that I am not particularly fond of would be wearing a saree with trousers or ripped jeans, you know where you can see one leg with the trousers and the other one has the saree draped over it! I think saree looks the best when draped the way it’s meant to be.

Fashen hustle: What are the three essential elements of fashion that every girl should have?
Rupjyoti: Mascara, Sky high heels and a devil may care attitude!

Fashen hustle: Quick Fire: Favorite place you’ve traveled to, Best spring trend, Heels or shoes?
Rupjyoti: Tough one but if I have to select one, it has to be NYC! Spring trends – Bright colours and big sunglasses! Heels for life!

Fashen hustle: Aside from blogging, what are you passionate about? What are some of your hobbies?
Rupjyoti: I love reading books, and also like collecting hard copies tho I haven’t been doing a lot of that these days! Hobbies, well, I love stitching, and mostly hand stitches, cause I don’t own a sewing machine in our current house.

Fashen hustle: What’s the best advice you’ve ever had?
Rupjyoti: Thoughts become things, always think about the good. No point breaking your head over bad experiences, the sooner you move on, the sooner you’ll be at peace.

Fashen hustle: What do you expect from your career as a social media influencer? Rupjyoti: I honestly don’t expect anything, I started it as a medium to express, share and connect with likeminded people, but that doesn’t mean I won’t work towards all things good on social media 😉

To follow more about Rupjyoti follow her on Instagram (@sherriied)


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