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Maya Ganesh, The girl who played lead in the infamous ‘Raati’ song by 7up Madras gig, has become a prominent figure in modeling field lately. Fashen hustle got in touch with her, to know more about this gorgeous who’s ready to take over big screen soon.

Fashen hustle: What was the start of your modeling career?
Maya: In 2012, I did my first show for Schwarzkopf-Naturals which kickstarted my career

Fashen hustle: What is your aspiration?
Maya: My aspiration was to become a successful model, if luck favors I don’t mind pivoting my way to find myself as a successful actress in future.

Fashen hustle: Where r u based at?
Maya: I am formerly from Kerala, but found myself a home now in Chennai.

Fashen hustle: Who do you look up to in modeling field and why?
Maya: Lisa Haydon,most successful model and actress, since she brings a lot of attitude to her poses , styling and acting.

Fashen hustle: Your favourite Indian and international designer?
Maya: Obviously Manish malhotra , he is such a legend in this industry, I look forward on to work ingwith him. He is such a gentleman and his works are just inspiring and in my opinion he is one of the best fashion designer I have ever seen.
As far the international designer is concern it’s obviously Valentino Garavani.

Fashen hustle: How do you define your style?
Maya: In a single phrase “Glamorous but breezy”

Fashen hustle: Are you into acting as well?
Maya: Yes, I am , have did few tele movies and albums ,the most recent one is Raati by Sony .

Fashen hustle: Where do you see urself in 5 years?
Maya: Hopefully a successful actress and planning to create my own fashion blog.

Fashen hustle: Milestone in your career so far?
Maya: Raati song–7up madras gig

Fashen hustle: If you want to trade bodies with someone for a day who would it be and why ?
Maya: Kareena Kapoor,she is just too perfect with her body

Fashen hustle: Favourite movie and singer?
Maya: Favorite Movie: Kuch kuch hotha ha
Singer : Shreya Ghoshal and sonu Nigam

Fashen hustle: Song that you have been jamming to lately ?
Maya: Song : tum pass aaya

Fashen hustle: Whats the skin care routine that saves your skin after all the heavy makeup and limelight heat?
Maya: I eat a lot fruits and veggies along and stay hydrated. I always carry sunscreen where ever I go. I make sure that I remove all the make up before going to the bed , I do CTM (cleanser ,toner, moisturiser) and obviously good sleep…

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